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  • settlement-loans offers lawsuit cash advances against the cash value of the future winnings of your lawsuit
  • settlement-loans offers 5 hour same-day approval
  • settlement-loans offers no risk, lose the case and no payback.  no attorney guarentee of win required for funding
  • if you want an estimate of how much your case may settle for, give me a call to get approved immediately at 1-800-399-4501
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A structured settlement is a financial or insurance arrangement, defined by Internal Revenue Code as periodic payments; a claimant accepts to resolve a personal injury tort claim or to compromise a statutory periodic payment obligation. Structured settlements were first utilized in Canada after a settlement for children affected by Thalidomide. Structured settlements are widely used in product liability or injury cases (such as the birth defects from Thalidomide). Benefits of a structured settlement can be to reduce legal and other costs by avoiding trial. Structured settlement cases became more popular in the United States during the 1970s as an alternative to lump sum settlements.He increased popularity was also due to several rulings by the IRS, an increase in personal injury awards, and higher interest rates. The IRS rulings changed policies such that if the requirements were met then claimants could have federal income tax waived. Higher interest rates resulted in lower present values, hence annuity premiums, for deferred payments versus a lump sum. Structured settlements have become part of the statutory tort law of several common law countries including Australia, Canada, England and the United States. Structured settlements may include income tax and spendthrift requirements as well as benefits and are considered to be an asset-backed security. Often the periodic payment will be created through the purchase of one or more annuities, which guarantee the future payments Structured settlement payments are sometimes called periodic payments and when incorporated into a trial judgment is called a “periodic payment judgment."

Sell Structured Settlement Payments 1(800)-350-9968 for Cash

Do you have an annuity that gives you the right to receive future payments:

  • 1-  From an Insurance Company
  • 2-  As a result of a lawsuit, personal injury or other similar claim
  • 3-  Tax free
  • 4-  Either in the event of your death (guaranteed) or only while you are alive (life contingent)
  • 5-  Not a result of a workers compensation claim
If the answer is “Yes” then Settlement- can help you to get the Top Dallor Now for your payments. The wait is over.

Here is how it works:

  • 1- Complete the Form above by providing your contact information and a description of the payments you wish to sell.
  • 2-  relax while Settlement- shops your payments to its network of Certified Funders, the most reputable funding companies in the industry. SSQ creates a competition to get you the highest price available for your future annuity payments.
  • 3-  Settlement- will call you usually within 5Mins and by no later than the next business day to provide you with the Top Dallor **. This is a firm and guaranteed offer to buy your annuity payments from a Structured settlement.
  • 4-  When accept the offer, Settlement- will arrange for you to sell structured settlement payments process
  • 5-  A Notary Public representative will meet with you at your home or other convenient location of your choice the next business day to review sale documents and get you signed up.
  • 6-  Your structured settlement loan or sale will be funded your cash within 10 business days following the receipt of the mandatory Court transfer order that is arranged at no cost to you.
  • 6-  Selling Structured settlement payments generally takes 6weeks to complete, depending on your State of Residence.
Get started today! Complete the form above or call now Selling your structured settlement is easy with Structured Settlement Quotes and its Certified Funders: 1- The sale is permitted by State and Federal laws—even if your insurance policy contains anti-assignment language.
2- Your sale proceeds are Tax Free because the Federal Tax Laws preserve the tax free status of your structured settlement in the event of sale.
3- Our Certified Funders handle all of the paperwork and get the necessary court approval all at No Cost to you.
4-  Your sale proceeds are paid to you by direct wire into your bank account. You have immediate access to these funds.
5- The transaction is Risk Free because you are protected by a court process.

Would you like to receive a lump sum of cash for your structured settlement? Thousands of people every month ask us if they can sell my structured settlement payments. The answer is Yes! You can sell your future payments for a lump sum of money. Settlement- will also provide a free analysis of your Structured Settlement payment stream and will help you to decide what deal best suits your needs. We get you the most cash possible for your structured settlement by creating a competition from our network of Certified Funders, without hassle. We offer different payment solutions to help you achieve your financial objectives. Whether you would like to sell your entire structured settlement or just part of your structured settlement, our highly trained Customer Service Experts will work with you to find the most appropriate solution. SSQ works for you to get you the best deal.
SSQ has become the #1 Marketplace in America serving over 11,000 customers like you. If you would like to sell your structured settlement payments please complete the short form on the left or call 888-665-1257. A Customer Service Expert will contact you with your quote for your structured insurance settlement. If you have any questions feel free to contact us at 800-350-9968.

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